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Monday, 12 June 2017


 So, I gave in and bought some of those weird 'peodophile-esque' yellow aviator sunglasses. There is just something about them which personally I think is quite cool. Sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and think 'what ARE you doing?!' but I think they're alright and when worn with the right thing, they make an outfit. 

The weather is actually pretty good in England right now, it's warm and we've had quite a few really sunny days. Here I'm wearing a long wide legged black jumpsuit, I picked this up in the New York Brandy Melville last summer and it is still a firm favourite. It's really flattering, and the back is super pretty (I know my bra is on show but I don't really mind that look!) I think it looks so chilled and casual just worn with trainers or some sliders. It's a great 'pub evening' outfit. 

I wanted to touch on a few struggles I've been dealing with over the past couple of weeks. I've struggled with self confidence and feeling overly insecure. I'll catch myself in the mirror and feel deflated for the rest of the day, or I'll see a picture of me or attempt to take a nice selfie after I've spent an hour doing my make-up but.. no luck. Don't get me wrong, I have days where I feel like this but I've never really felt like this constantly and I've never allowed it to really affect my mood or confidence. 

A major aspect of this is comparison. Comparison is an awful thing. You should never compare yourself to others but, realistically we all do it to an extent. I'll be out and a girl will walk past and my instant thoughts will be 'her skin is so clear, why isn't mine like that?' or 'her hair falls perfectly round her face and mine is flat and shit'. It's horrible and I know that I'm doing it but I can't stop it. Social media is also a major player. I work in social media and I'm aware of how beneficial it can be.. however for your own self-confidence, it can be disastrous. Seeing all these glowing, lip plumped, long lashed women with crazy abs and peachy bums can be well, soul destroying at times. 

I think now I've got to the point where I've acknowledged the way I'm feeling and what is making me feel like this, I need to decide what to do to help. Nothing is going to cure or stop it, I just need to accept it. Once you can accept yourself, you feel a lot happier. You need to accept that sometimes you will look like shit, and your skin will break out, and your hair will be flat, you will look a little bloated (or a lot) and you eyeliner will be wonky. That is fine. I'm really hoping this doesn't sound to cheesy or cliche, this is just really how I'm feeling and I thought by writing it all down into a blog post could also help others who are feeling the same as me. 

Please do let me know if you're going through a similar thing and what you think helps?! 
Life can be shit, but not all the time.

Saturday, 3 June 2017


I'm getting so bored of wearing black, grey and dull colours especially now the weather is sort of starting to warm up. This happens to me every year, about this time of year I put away all of my big wooly jumpers and long sleeved tops and what I'm left with is a few creased summer dresses and Birkenstock dupes that are falling apart. The need is then to online shop like mad and buy loads of new things, but this year I'm trying to take a more strategic approach and not just panic buy loads of trend pieces (probably because I don't have the money as I'm paying off my summer holiday)..

My aim is to introduce a lot more colour into my wardrobe. Especially during Spring and Summer wearing bright colours makes me feel happier and more positive in general. Additionally, buying basic pieces is also a must. That standard grey t-shirt, those blue 'mom' jeans will also help to build your wardrobe. Having only trend, colourful pieces will just be a struggle to create any sort of outfit. 

A couple of weeks ago when I was in Bath with my family, I picked up these gorgeous bright fuchsia wide legged trousers from Topshop. As soon as I saw them I was thinking about all the different ways I could style them. They look great with a smart 'going-out' top and heels but they also look amazing with a logo t-shirt and trainers. They're so eye catching, and every time I've worn them I have so many people come up to me and ask where I bought them. Which is a great feeling. 

Here I've styled them with a basic striped t-shirt from Zara (a wardrobe staple) and my black denim Levi's jacket (which my boyfriend found in a charity shop.. and also a wardrobe staple!).. and then of course my Old Skool Vans which I wear with EVERYTHING and should probably wear some of my other shoes now and again..

I really love this look and I'm definitely aiming to buy a few more statement pieces to build up a great summer wardrobe. I would love to add a few more patterned summer dresses, maybe a skirt or two and some of those black and white checkered slip on vans.

Let me know what you think?

(BIG thanks to Lewis (instragram: kaytralewlew) for taking these amazing pictures for me!

Saturday, 20 May 2017


Remember when having a blog used to make you stand out from the crowd? When people would be fascinated by the fact that you maintain a website about your personal style and thoughts.. but now every Tom Dick and Harry can put 'fashion blogger' on their Instagram profile, even if they have an actual blog or not. It doesn't make you 'different' anymore...

I do agree with that statement to an extent. However I still do believe that blogging is a great platform to express what you're thinking, opinions, style, recipes.. or whatever you want to talk about. There is a pressure to have your own blog now, especially if you're trying to break into a creative industry. I don't think it should be a necessary to have a blog anymore, unless you are truly passionate about something. I think it's pretty obvious if somebody has a blog for the sake of it. 

I also wanted to talk about social media anxiety, and by that I mean the pressure of posting and constantly appearing active on social media. It's actually hard and quite stressful (however pathetic that sounds). To be noticed on Instagram or whatever social network it is, the main thing is to be consistent and have quality content. I feel like I need to post a pretty picture every day to make a small dent in world of other gorgeous flat lays, breakfasts and outfit pictures. Is that a bit sad?! Some people would say yes, but I'm sure some are in the same boat as me. 

I really enjoy creating lovely content and taking pretty pictures, so it's not exactly a chore. When I go out for the day I love taking as many pictures as possible.. my outfit, the food i'm eating, my make-up, my location, and I love editing them after.. but should that really be the first thought in my head? Should I really be put in a bad mood because none of my ootds turned out as good as I thought!? 

It's all about balance. Social media and the 'falseness' of it will continue to grow everyday. I mean I'm guilty of posting my delicious breakfast from Saturday morning on Monday when I'm in the office trying my best to keep my eyes open, but that's ok isn't it?

Moving forward, I think it's important to stress less about the theme of your Instagram and focus more on enjoying the situation you're actually in. Saying that, I will obviously continue to attempt to get the perfect outfit shot..

Monday, 17 April 2017


Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up and wearing different outfits and experimenting with different clothes... but my favourite thing to wear is a baggy pair of jeans, an oversized sweatshirt and some trainers. I personally love the look of chilled outfits anyway - the kind of 'make an effort to look effortless' look. 

The jeans in the picture are my favourite jeans of all time. They're vintage Lee jeans and I have never found another pair of jeans  that fit as well or look as good. The other day I was putting them on and the zip completely burst and I literally had to hold in the tears. However, I am going to pay to get them fixed because I love them that much and Topshop jeans just do not compare. 

I do agree when people say the clothing they wear helps them express themselves. I never let myself feel pressure to wear certain trend pieces though, I always make sure I only wear things that I'm comfortable in. What's your favourite outfit?

Saturday, 8 April 2017


The Trench Coat is a classic Spring staple. I picked mine up in Rokit Vintage in Covent Garden for about £15.00 and I looooove the shape of it - it's oversized, boxy and pretty long. Every year when Spring comes around, different styles and variations of a Trench Coat come out and sometimes I can't help but endlessly scroll through Asos, Topshop, Zara and try to stop myself from ordering about 5 more.. 

You can style them in so many different ways and they can work for a lot of different occasions. I've styled it in a really casual way with a baggy Gingham shirt from Zara, some pleated black culottes from New Look and some white Stan Smiths - this is my favourite way to wear a trench because my style is always super chilled and casual. 

You could also wear it a lot smarter with black trousers or a dress with heels for a night out or for work. I really think they're investment pieces, although don't feel like you have to spend thousands on a Burberry one, there are so many on the high street that are just as good.. I'll link some below of some great styles that are on the high street right now:

Cheap Monday Soft Trench £160

Asos Zacro Belted Trench Coat With Asymmetric Hem £50

Topshop Gingham Trench Coat £79

Topshop Nylon Trench Coat £79 

Mango Cotton Trench Coat £59.99

Mango Short Trench £69.99

Happy Shopping!