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Saturday, 7 October 2017


Happy October! I'm still completely baffled by the fact that it's already Autumn and I feel like time is going at a ridiculous pace and I'm struggling to keep up. The dark mornings and evenings are basically here and that's when I start to struggle. It's pretty depressing waking up to darkness and leaving work in darkness, it makes you feel like you have zero time and the only thing you can do is retreat to your bed with a hot chocolate and fluffy socks.

Self Sabotage is something we definitely all struggle with. Why is it we constantly beat ourselves up over any tiny thing we do? If it's being shit in social situations or not putting an outfit together as nicely as that girl on Instagram. It could be that your friend earns more money than you, or the fact you told yourself you'd be healthy so you spend a ridiculous amount of money on 'chia seeds' and 'maca powder' however you still seem to be having nutella on toast for breakfast. You get the picture. 

Everyone has their own struggles, and everyone is fighting their own demons. But why is it we don't allow ourselves to feel amazing about ourselves, or having just as many things you love about yourself as you hate about yourself. I think we all need a little slap in the face when it comes to self sabotage. You can get so consumed and it becomes the only thing you believe. Our minds know exactly how to bring us down and exactly how to destroy our confidence. It's like when I look in the mirror and feel good, but then I focus on that tiny spot on my chin and convince myself that is what everyone will be looking at, but in reality most people are too consumed in themselves to notice the small things in other people. 

You can force yourself into a negative routine. Getting up for work everyday at 6:30am, feeling shit about yourself, trying to make yourself look presentable, and when the weekend rolls round get ridiculously drunk spend too much money, and then feel like crap for the following week .. (not that I'm speaking from experience). I'm not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, because if you're surrounded by good people while doing this, then it's better because you all get through it together. However what I am saying is that, in a way doing that is a form of self sabotage because you know in the long run it will make you feel worse. 

Looking after yourself is important, mentally and physically. Whether that be making sure you're in bed before 11pm, or not allowing yourself to go on social media after 9pm. That then leads me onto thinking about digital detoxing. I'm pretty sure looking at my Instagram feed and how amazing other peoples lives are as soon as I go to bed and as soon as I wake up is not healthy. Instagram is great and I spend a huge amount of time on it, but it's so easy to remember that it's just a platform for people to show the best snapshots of their life. It's not reality. In a way, it's another form of self sabotage and it encourages that inner self critic. Scrolling through your feed to see another toned, tanned poreless girl on holiday in Bali when I'm hobbling into the office on a rainy Monday morning doesn't make me feel too fab.. 

More recently, before bed I've been trying to read for at least half an hour instead of staring at my phone screen. I actually love reading and always talk about trying to make more time for it, and so far it's been really helping. I feel a lot more relaxed and chilled before sleeping. Also, not to sound too much like a dick, I've been attempting to meditate before bed. The app Headspace is amazing, and I've actually felt a difference to my mood. I either do it right before bed, or in the morning and it makes me feel at ease, and I can feel the stress leave my body. Also, it's great for when you're feeling anxious. 

I've also decided to unfollow some of the people on my Instagram that make me feel shit about myself. The models, 'instagram girls' and body inspiration pages that are unrealistic for me. Obviously I still follow people that lead incredible lives because it's good to see that and have something you may want to work towards. But realistically, when I'm scrolling through Instagram I want to see delicious food, amazing places around the world that I want to visit, outfits people have put together etc etc.

There's nothing wrong with being selfish (not all the time, though) and looking after yourself. Self sabotage affects everyone at some point I'm pretty sure, and finding ways to deal with it can be hard. But slowly, I feel like I'm starting to make some sort of head way with it. 



Tuesday, 19 September 2017


It's official. I am completely obsessed with this Asos Baker Boy Hat. It's obviously been a massive trend over the transitional period and I've seen a lot of people wearing them.. and I gave in. I used to have a brown suede baker boy when I was about 9 and absolutely loved it and it seems the style has made a huge comeback into my wardrobe.

I've been stalking every blogger wearing this hat and seeing how they style it. Some of my favourites include Style Lobster, Megan Ellaby and Pretty Sickly. I spend a good 10 minutes each day scrolling through their feeds in complete awe of them and their incredible style choices. 

As soon as I tried it on, I instantly loved it and knew I'd be wearing it on my weekends for the foreseeable future. I've styled it with some light blue kickflare jeans, a charcoal t-shirt, black leather jacket and my slip on checkered vans. I'm excited to style it with an oversized blazer and trainers, or a midi dress, boots and a fluffy jacket. I'm so excited for autumnal clothes it's ridiculous. 

I think this hat will be a wardrobe staple right round until Spring. They are all over the high street at the moment, so many different options and prices. I picked mine up from Asos for only £16 which is amazing and the quality is great. The only slight downside is, after wearing it for about half an hour you experience the worst hat hair ever. But I guess that's sort of a first world problem.. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017


How gorgeous is this jewellery?! It's perfect. Dainty yet it makes a statement. The Stella & Dot collection is eclectic, which is probably why is appeals to so many different ages. I was lucky enough to go and check out the whole collection and pick out some favourites to blog about..

I mostly wear silver jewellery, I just think it goes with more and I'm not into that really yellowy gold look. I pretty much only wear really minimal pieces, that's why these Stella & Dot items are my current go-to. I think my favourite out of what i've picked out has to the be the Luna Pendant Necklace. I love how it's silver & gold but it still manages to look classy and minimal. The earrings I picked out are so delicate and unusual, I normally just wear plain silver hoops but I'm really into the Pave Triangle Ear Climbers below and especially the Triangle Ear Jacket in Rose Gold.

After picking out these pieces I'm now wearing jewellery a lot more and accessorising my outfits with a mix of gold and silver jewellery. Another piece from Stella & Dot which is bloody gorgeous is the Simple Knot Cuff , it adds a really simple yet elegant look and it looks amazing next to my Olivia Burton watch. In. Love. 

I'm so thankful that I got to check out the collection and get some more information about the brand, thanks to Claire. If you are interested in checking out any of these pieces or the whole Stella & Dot collection then head over to 

Thursday, 17 August 2017


I feel like this might be my favourite summer dress ever. It's so different, and people always comment on how lovely it is. It's not my usual style as it's so colourful and bright, however during the summer I like to steer away from neutral colours. I feel good in this dress, I wish I could wear it all year round (according to current English weather, I can't wear it at all!) I got this from Asos but it's actually from River Island. 
River Island isn't somewhere I usually shop, but sometimes they do have the odd gem that I can't not have. 

This New Look 'handkerchief' dress is the perfect sassy evening number for a holiday. It's flattering on, but also so comfy and you can eat endless carbs without it showing. I paired it with grey sliders and my bright red (very heavy!) topshop earrings, which really add something to the outfit and make it less plain. Then of course my multicoloured tassel bag from Glamorous, which was my go-to on my Cyprus trip. 

How perfect is this playsuit?! As soon as I saw it on the Zara website I knew it would look be my favourite holiday piece. It looks amazing when you have a tan, and it shows off all your best bits. Sadly it's not warm enough to wear this in England, so I'm already excited for my summer holiday next year so I can wear this again...